1. Go to the left sidebar menu. On the Dashboard, go to Marketing→ List Tracking→ Property Addresses.

2. Using the Filter Icon on the top right, filter the list according to whom you want to send the mailers to, and click on Apply Filter.

3. Using the “Remove Duplicate Mailing Addresses” button, you can avoid sending multiple mailers for multiple properties owned by the same person.

4. From the Select List Stacking menu, Select all the properties. And from Action menu,click on Order Direct Mail.

5. Click on “Order Direct Mail” to confirm, and the list will get uploaded for the campaign. The system will be directed to Marketing → Direct Mail.

6. Under CAMPAIGN DETAIL, you will have to

(a) Write down a Campaign Name e.g. “Absentee List”.

(b) Select First Mailing Date.

(c) Select the number of Mailings (i.e the number of follow-up mailers to the same list).

And click on Next.

7. From the Mailers Tab, you will be able to select:

  • Mailing Type

  • Mailing Template

  • Design Type

  • Ink Color

  • Envelope Type

  • Postage Type

  • Mailing Date

8. Repeat step #7 in the case of multiple mailers, and click Next.

9. In the Contact Information tab, provide your Contact Details and Return Address (note: this information will be used on the mailers), and click Next.

10. Review the details (Campaign Name, Mailing Details, total cost), and click Next.

Note: You will only be charged for the Mailer #1 initially. After Mailer #1 mails out, and you start getting Leads, return mailers, opt-out requests, etc. - you will be able to update your Mailing List accordingly for Mailer #2, before activating it. And only then you will be charged for Mailer #2.

11. Select a payment method. Or Click Add New Card to add a new payment method.

12. Click “Pay & Confirm Order”. A confirmation message will pop up in the upper right corner (Your Direct Mail order has been placed successfully).

13. After placing your order, you will be sent a soft-proof via email for your approval before we print and mail out the order.


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